Pay for use instead of owning In the Netherlands there has been discussion for some time about paying for the use of the car instead of for owning it. Although this discussion is related to road tax, it also indicates that it is an acceptable idea to pay Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List insurance for use alone. One of the largest Dutch insurers, Nationale-Nederlanden (NN), has launched a new usage-based insurance policy based on this philosophy: Bundelz. Bundlez How does that work? An example. The ‘occasional driver’ buys third-party liability insurance for 1,000 kilometers for 50 euros. A WA Casco insurance for the same mileage costs 70 euros.

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A Vodafone ‘smart plug’ keeps track of the kilometers driven. When the limit is in sight, the insured receives a message and the bundle is automatically extended. That way he doesn’t drive around uninsured. A bundle is valid for one year, after which the kilometers that have not been used will expire. Bundelz is intended for drivers of 30 years or older (with eight claim-free years or more) who drive up to 100 kilometers per week, with a maximum of 7500 kilometers per year. smart plug Operator Vodafone is responsible for the smart On Board Diagnostics plug that is placed in the car and the data collection and analysis.

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According to NN, the number of kilometers driven is first registered via the plug. But that’s not the only type of information collecte. Or as NN puts it on the Bundelz website: “The smart plug in your car provides us with more information than just the kilometres. These are GPS location (longitude, latitude, direction, altitude and speed), engine management (rotations per minute, speed and odometers), and acceleration (lateral, longitudinal and vertical). We do have this information at our disposal, but it is not necessary for your Bundelz insurance. It helps us to improve the product. We only use the data anonymously for making analyses.

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