Recharge your batteries during other times of the year, you don’t necessarily have time to recharge your batteries and get a change of scenery. Off-peak periods are interesting for this. Use this time to disconnect from your world and to recharge. This phase is important for the mind because it allows you to regain your motivation and also find new sources of inspiration. Work in another location. If you can’t leave home, then take advantage of these slow times to test new places of work. A café, a garden, a public space etc. Trying new places can be very beneficial for your daily life and improve the way you work. Put something new in your daily life. Give yourself time. The life of a freelancer is very fluctuating. One day high, the next day low. And so it is all year round. Sometimes it’s hard to take time for yourself in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. So during off-peak periods, take some time just for you. Take the time to breathe, to do what you want, to rest. Graphics yesterday and today 2 years ago 5510 Facebook Twitter WhatsApp E-mail More options.

Graphic design has imposed itself everywhere

Make no mistake about it, graphic design has been around for decades. The only difference lies in the fact that before, internet, tablets, smartphones and other technological gadgets did not exist. Its presence is therefore less noticed than today. But, to this day, it is impossible to imagine Wedding Photo Editing a world devoid of graphics. It would be interesting to know why and how this profession was born. We know that trends are cyclical, designs dating back a few years come back into fashion and this cycle of fashion is endless. Moreover, the designs of before are an excellent source of inspiration to innovate and evolve the present. In this article, we will see the evolution of graphics over the years. The 1440s: After the invention of printing.

Graphic design from an industrial point of view

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The invention of the printing press. This will therefore be our starting point for this article, even if signs of graphics appeared long before: The prehistoric era, for example, where many representations of animals, hands or even hunting scenes were represented on the walls of caves. The Email Lists invention of the printing press and its arrival in Europe was revolutionary. Humans were now able to reproduce texts, designs and even works of art. Graphic design was born at this moment. The potential of this discovery was enormous. The first logos appeared around the same time, towards the end of the year 1400. They were simple and mainly geometric, they mostly represented the coat of arms of the Houses. Then comes the time for advertising images! The first advertisements with images arrived around the 1620s. The appearance of color.

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