males who have parents with higher levels of genetic variation produce more sperm with smaller sperm nuclei, which translate into a higher proportion of males.” Scientists have used a species of wild mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) and have worked under experimental laboratory conditions, which allows them to extrapolate the results to other species under natural conditions, while allowing them to collect genealogical and reproductive data. and keep track from generation to generation. The study also suggests that the adaptive capacity of parents is present throughout the mammalian lineage. “The biological implications are enormous, as decades of research have ignored paternal effects that we now demonstrate significant and opens up a whole new

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field for expanding the theory of the sex ratio,” Malo concludes. Norway WhatsApp Number List Aurelio F Malo, Felipe Martinez-Pastor, Francisco Garcia-Gonzalez, Julian Garde, Jonathan Ballou, Robert C Lacy. A father effect explains sex-ratio bias. Proceedings of the Royal Society BCaixa once again in the B · Debate initiative, cycles of cutting-edge scientific debates between international experts on specific topics. The B · Debate events aim to promote debate, collaboration and the open exchange of knowledge between experts of recognized national and international prestige to face complex challenges of high interest for the life sciences.Rodríguez, leader of the Mammalian Paleoecology group.on recruitment as the main process of recovery of populations, the international research

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effort to save the species also focuses on studying the parasitosis and the causative pathogen, in order to better understand how it acts and thus predict the evolution of the infection in the future. “Today, it is still pending to confirm if the virulence of the disease is due solely to the protozoan H. pinnae or if other microorganisms could also be involved. Despite the efforts of international groups to collaborate on this issue, it would be necessary to provide more support to current research by the scientific community in order to provide an adequate response to the critical situation of the nacra and prevent the disappearance of an emblematic species of the Mediterranean. », Concludes Diego Kersting.

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