BRUSSELS – A 35-day hunt in Belgium involving helicopters, armore vehicles, 400 soldiers and police officers. As well as reinforcements from. Germany and the Netherlands, ende on Sunday after the body, which is believe to have been missing a soldier to the far right, was found. The body was found in a forest where soldier Jürgen Conings, 46, had disappeare more than a month ago, threatening the government and the virologists responsible for the country’s response to the coronavir, the federal prosecutor said. At the time, the soldier was arme with four rocket launchers, an automatic and a semi-automatic pistol he took from an army warehouse.

The Prosecutor Said the Initial Investigation Showed

The prosecutor said the initial investigation showed that the body belonge to p. Conings, Poland Phone Number a shooting instructor who was classifie in February as a high-level threat to national security, and that it was a probable suicide with a firearm. In a letter to his girlfriend about the time he disappeare on May 17, Mr. Conings wrote that he would not give up without a fight. The so-calle political elite and virologists are now deciding how you and I should live,” he wrote. Virologists and the government have taken everything. Away from us he adde.It doesn’t matter to me whether I die or not.

The So-called Political Elite and Virologists

Poland Phone Number List
Poland Phone Number List

The soldier disappeare at a time when Belgium was frustrate by the restrictions on. The pandemic and the economic damage they had cause. The country had a relatively high number of Covid-19 deaths per capita, and. It has designate one of the longest closures in Europe. The camp of the far right in Belgium use the pandemic to incite public outrage at the government. Reports from state security agencies last spring warne of the “emergence of various right-wing. Extremist individuals and groups spreading conspiracy theories” about Covid

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