“However. Is costing him to achieve. Despite this. Twitter is liked because it is a social network that allows users to quickly find out about a topic through hashtags and see what the current trends are. Therefore. Community managers need to use it. To make the content, they publish become a trending topic. Regarding demographic characteristics. Twitter is usually used more by men. 39% of them declared it so and the time Thailand phone number in this application would be 3 hours and 9 minutes per week. 4) youtube This platform was created 11 years ago to be able to view videos and be able to upload your videos to your channel.

Allowing other users to see them. Nowadays. Companies like Facebook with Periscope use it as a marketing tool. Serves as a channel to post videos about their products. Company news or useful advice for their buyer persona. One of its main advantages is that it allows you to share Thailand phone number on other web pages by copying the HTML code. So it can be a powerful weapon for viral content. If you are thinking of promoting some type of brand. Youtube could be the ideal platform for it. In addition. If you reach a considerable number of visits. It can generate an economic refund as well as subscriptions to your channel.

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The users who most use this social network are those between 16-30 years old. Approximately 30%. The average number of hours spent on this portal by users weekly would be 3 hours and 34 minutes. 5) Instagram Instagram is a powerful communication weapon for that target audience that prefers to see content through photos and videos. In addition. In this social network, you can put a good number of hashtags that help our Thailand phone number to be found and shared by users. Regarding sociodemographic data. It is usually used more by women than by men. 23% of the women surveyed use it. Most of them are between the ages of 16-30. Regarding the scale of visits.

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Whatsapp and Instagram stand out as the 2 social networks that have increased the frequency of their visits the most. Facebook and youtube have maintained their data. Although always with a small increase in frequency. However. Twitter is positioned as the social network that has decreased its Thailand phone number of visits the most. To better understand why these social networks are the most used. It is necessary to analyze what functions the public intends to perform using them and what the habits users develop in them. What are the motivations of customers to choose one social network or another?

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We must take into account the different motivations of consumers when deciding to follow a brand on a social network. A good brand image can be the essential element to attracting a greater number of customers. Maintain dynamism and publish relevant content that helps achieve these goals. Informative reasons. 85% use these Thailand phone number networks to follow influencers or products and brands that interest them. Participation in sweepstakes and obtaining discounts generate interest in consumers as well. Now you know which are the social networks with the best positioning in terms of user preferences.

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