Nfluencers have for some years been the perfect pool for the realization of online PR activities. Their contribution proved to be fundamental to make accessible content previously exclusively dedicated to restricted circles of users and to generate awareness and culture of the brand. For digital natives, word of mouth and advice from “others” are the most effective means of communication  marketing. How do you proceed? The behaviors of the most active user panel of potential interest for Digital PR are studied through research, cataloging and evaluation of the main Influencers through an index that evaluates their exposure, activity rate and potential.

Who Are the Influencers

Influencers were the answer to new ways of communicating. This method caught everyone unprepared especially those companies that for their choice were South Africa Phone Number based only on the only element they were able to measure: followers. As we all know, however, the followers are easily increased through different and not complex methodologies. When we go on the web we have a tendency to go to a specific site, a specific article and so on, almost as if we follow the directions that someone tells us. But how do we explain.

Testimonials and Influencers

South Africa Phone Number List
South Africa Phone Number List

But once authority has been obtained, how exactly are purchasing decisions influenced? let us base ourselves on  a model where everyone sees what others are doing. For example, let’s think we want to go to a restaurant in an unfamiliar city. We look for a review on Tripadvisor, for example, which recommends restaurant. A. but when we arrive at restaurant A there is none, while the B, which is next door, is full. What would you do? well, the information that is taken from the  is more powerful than. Other information (for further information see the Bayes rules. by the number of friends who have already adopted him …

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