the foreword to the book. «And he did it because there was cooperation, not competition, between the original inhabitants cell phones”. With an interdisciplinary perspective, the book underlines the value of astrobiogeology as a meeting point for multiple disciplines that invite both a debate on accepted paradigms and a more speculative discourse. “It is a field of research that is growing enormously. It is obvious that its development depends on technology and large investments within the reach of few entities and countries, which often form consortia to optimize resources “, points out Andrea Butturini, professor at the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences of the UB . «The most crucial aspect of

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astrobiogeology – continues the expert – is that it draws on the interaction between physics, chemistry, geology and biology, a convergence that is promoting the development of scientific work involving researchers from all Nepal Phone Number List over the world. the world not necessarily linked to space science research institutions. Often, this scientific literature has a strong speculative component – very attractive from an academic and didactic point of view – that it would be very interesting to introduce in university studies, and incidentally, with it, further promote the union between all these disciplines » . Are we alone in the Universe ?: a revolution in the vision of the cosmos As Ignasi Ribas, IEEC director and ICE researcher, explains, “establishing the context in which life

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develops in the Universe is one of the great challenges of science for the coming decades.” In order to achieve this goal, a multidisciplinary approach is essential, as the many factors involved comprise traditionally separate areas of knowledge. «This comprehensive approach that combines astrophysics, biology and geology – all of them pushed to their limits – should allow us to answer one of the great questions, not only of science but of humanity as a whole: are we alone in the Universe? ? The transcendence of the response will imply a new revolution in all aspects “, Ribas emphasizes. In this intrepid journey of human knowledge through the cosmos, experts look for “the signs that the existence of life on an exoplanet leaves in its atmosphere,”

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