On the one hand there is an open ad exchange . In which there are no requirements for the entry of applicants and bidders . And on the other hand there is the private ad exchange . Which limits the entry of bidders and applicants in order to have a certain control . Selling agent : they offer advertising space. Ad verification : they prevent advertising from being published on inadvisable pages. Brand safe : responsible for Sweden phone number that the advertising to be published is safe and secure. Therefore . As a conclusion and as a summary . The advantages of this medium are diverse and varied for you as an advertiser: You reach your main audience : thanks to segmentation .

Advertising will reach exactly users who are the target audience . So there is a greater possibility that these users will end up entering your website and making a purchase . Which leads to Increase your sales both online and offline. There is no excess spending : since the bid is made by the number of impressions and not by the specific space where the advertising will appear . With the purchase of an average number of impressions you Sweden phone number be able to reach 100% of your target audience. Maximum efficiency : since it is possible to measure the results in real time . It is possible to modify or adjust it so that the objectives that you have set for your marketing campaign are achieved.

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But . To see the advantages in a more graphic way . According to a study by Econsultancy . A 37% increase in investment in this advertising is expected for the year 2017. And you . Still do not see clearly the benefits of this medium? Social networks have more and more weight in our society . They function as very useful tools in the dissemination and consumption of information. In Spain . 81% of the population between the Sweden phone number of 16 and 55 uses some type of social network . Which represents 15 million of Spanish society. In addition . 51% declare that they are in favor of advertising on social networks . So if you had any doubts about whether your company should invest in advertising on social networks .

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Surely you have been cleared by knowing this information. As a recommendation . Tell you that ads that appear in the form of banners . Pop-ups . Or videos with an autoplay option are usually more visually attractive and capture the attention of users on social networks. << Download free guide to improve the management of social networks >> As a marketing manager . One of your goals will be to build trust with a Sweden phone number  audience. You should know that 31% of users declare that the presence of a brand in social networks generates more confidence . Especially among the population between 16 and 30 years old. This does not mean that you have to have a presence on all social networks .

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But rather choose the most appropriate one. How can you find out? For that you must look at two aspects: Analyze which social networks your target audience uses and which are the most used social networks. For the first question we already talked about it in the post “ 4 types of generations to Sweden phone number you have to adapt your content ”and for the second one we are going to solve it for you right now: We offer you the list of the most popular social networks based on the study carried out by IAB Spain on the suggested knowledge of consumers in social networks.

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