body that we have afterwards. Furthermore, as most individuals will have already reproduced, the force of natural selection is drastically reduced. Medawar, Haldane and Williams, in the second half of the 20th century, were the first to define this idea, with the help of mathematical models 3 . The body is prepared to be the best for a certain number of years and what happens after reproducing you “does not matter to evolution.” So we are left adrift in an age known as aging. Arcadi Navarro, research professor at the Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies at Pompeu Fabra University (ICREA-UPF), sums it up with these words: “Natural selection prefers healthy young people, although the price to pay is sick adults.” To find the Fountain of

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Youth, we must surpass evolution. PROGRAMMED Brazil WhatsApp Number List CELL DEATH or APOPTOSIS – The machine of self-destruction A curious case related to death is apoptosis. It is a process that occurs inside our cells and causes their destruction. Although it may seem harmful, apoptosis is necessary for our life. For example, it allows multicellular organisms, such as humans, to “punish” cells that rebel against their specific function, guaranteeing the correct and coordinated functioning of our entire body. Such a rebellion is known as cancer. When faced with a potentially cancerous cell, a control system is activated that triggers apoptosis and destroys the threats 4 . At what point did we get a machinery that causes the death of our own cells? What is most fascinating

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about the answer is that the origin of apoptosis dates back to when there were only single-celled beings, which implies that apoptosis killed the only cell available to the body. Phytoplankton is a group of unicellular organisms that live in colonies and that existed 2,800 million years ago. They captured the machinery for apoptosis of the viruses that infected them. Although it was a tool that viruses used against them, the cells knew how to take advantage of it and use it against them. When cells were infected, they activated apoptosis and self-destruct, annihilating the viruses within them. In this way, they prevented the infection from spreading throughout the colonies.5 . As Salvador Espriu says in his poem La pell de brau: «Sometimes it is necessary

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