In the U.S., myocarditis was also more common in men and boys: up to 80 percent of cases diagnosed after the second dose were in men. There was also a clear age difference, with side effects concentrated in late adolescence and early 20s. June 21 Approximately 318 million doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered in the United States, and 150 million people are considered fully protected. Most symptoms of myocarditis occurred approximately four days after the first or second dose. We have clear evidence here that vaccinated cases started within the first week,” said Dr. CDC vaccine expert, who introduced the new data. Tomas Shimabukuro. It also has a dose effect, he added, adding: “Both vaccines have higher rates after the second dose.

The Vast Majority of Patients Who

The vast majority of patients who experienced side effects recover completely, Dr. James Japan Phone Number de Lemos, a cardiologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, reported  Covid-19 itself can cause heart problems in young people. A largefound that 2.3 percent. those who recovered after Covid-19 had cardiac disorders consistent with myocarditis. Inflammation of the heart muscle is more common with Covid than with young men,” said Dr. De Lemos. More than 4,000 children infected with coronavirus have developed multisystemic.

The Cdc Recommends Vaccinating

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Inflammatory syndrome, including heart symptoms. Some children also died and none died from vaccination, Dr. Feingold noted. “You can say no to the vaccine, but you take another risk. The CDC recommends vaccinating all Americans over the age of 12. However, on Wednesday, officials advised anyone who developed myocarditis after the first dose to delay the second dose until they discuss the risks with their healthcare provider. The CDC’s recommendations may influence decisions about whether to vaccinate children under the age of 12 when vaccines become available for this age group. Some experts have questioned whether the benefits to children outweigh the potential risks, given the low risk of developing severe viral disease in young children.

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