Some people say forgiveness is a cowardly act,” he told Erbil in a recent interview. However, being a Muslim, he believes that a person’s destiny is determined before he is born. I have no other explanation except that it is God’s act,” he said of the reason he survived. “It simply came to our notice then. Because then I started posting ideas, I started talking about empathy and I started talking about forgiveness.  Some things started in the friendship he made in 2013. With an American professor after Mr. Razzo held his TEDx on 2003. The US invasion of Iraq called the Radical Empathy Experiment.

But After the Bombing

In it, Professor Sam Richards, a sociologist at Penn State University, asked Americans Belarus Phone Number to imagine how they would feel if the United States were attacked and occupied by Chinese troops. I didn’t know what the word ’empathy’ meant, so I looked for it,” he said. Razzo, 61 m. He sent an email. The letter to p. Richards, who eventually asked him to speak each semester for a video reference with 700 students in a sociology class. The students asked him questions about being in Iraq and about Islam, and he thought he was making a real connection with them.

A Year Later

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In fact, he did more than that when he went to State College, Pa., To talk to the students in person as they raised money for the trip. While in the U.S., he met with military officials and Senator Patrick Leahy to make the military take responsibility for the bombing. So far, she has not done so, although she has offered Mr Razzo $ 15,000 in sympathy – too little, even to pay for the damage done to his cars during the attack. He rejected the offer and says he was promised a letter from a military lawyer confirming that none of his family members were related to ISIS. He never got it. But that didn’t stop his efforts to bridge the gap between Americans and Iraqis.

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