The target was to exceed the campaign of the previous year and this. Target has been amply achieved. Thanks in part to a longer preparation time and extensive research. That was use to reach the media over a longer period of time, this campaign Nigeria WhatsApp Number List exceeded all expectations. Interim evaluation The biggest challenge in making such an integrated campaign measurable is to bring different numbers together. By doing this right, you will have a strong benchmark for subsequent campaigns. During the campaign, Raet continuously kept track of the results – internal figures and the figures we supplied regarding media reach and value – on a chalk wall in the office.

Therefore Important To Recognize

When it turned out that the results were still lagging somewhat. It was decided in consultation, among other things, to send out another press release. This resulted in an increase in the media value generated and the achievement of the objectives. It is therefore important not only to measure afterwards, but during the entire process, so that there is always room for control. Increase brand awareness This is a campaign-based approach, in which you seize current events to distinguish yourself in the market.

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Important To Recognize

Of course there are also companies that not everyone knows yet and that are therefore mainly looking for communication strategies to increase brand awareness. Increasing your brand awareness did not happen overnight. This often requires patience and a long-term strategy. To increase your brand awareness, it is smart to formulate a strong message. How do you want to be known among the target audience? Then it is smart to determine where you stand as an organization now. Is a brand awareness survey too expensive? A good alternative is to measure the share of voice.

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