Determining objectives How do you determine these objectives? In the first instance, I advise you to ask your director about this. The directors I meet work with a gross profit target. A target for a micro KPI as a lead value will be a little more Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List difficult to determine. To do this, look at your historical conversion data within Google Analytics. And link this to your marketing communication budget in the coming quarter. How much are you willing to invest in lead generation marketing? Conversion steps There are still 2 KPIs missing in the dashboard above, aimed at user behavior.

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These can be found in the ‘Conversion steps’ tab: This is an addition to the ‘Acquisition & marketing results’ dashboard. Now you get answers to the questions: Are the KPIs ‘% in shopping cart’ and ‘Conversion checkout’ above or below target? Which channels contributed to the improvement or deterioration of the results? Provide insights We now have the strategic dashboard. But there is still a very important part missing: the insights! By this I do not mean statements such as: “the % in shopping cart from Email SEO is higher than Google Ads”. Your director sees that too. It is much more important to answer the why question.

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The view below is an example of such insights: With such insights, the results in your dashboard will become much more alive for your director. You may be wondering: how do you get such insights in your dashboard? Try to link context to the numbers in your dashboard. For example, look at the design of your paid landing pages. Why is the percentage of product additions to the cart so much lower than other channels? Practical exercise setting up your own dashboard I can well imagine that you now want to get started with your own strategic dashboard.

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