The goals of a video game logo First, the gaming logo should be easy to remember and recognizable at first glance. If you want your players to recognize your game, the logo representing it must be recognizable and easy to identify. The message to convey must be clear and understandable and must embody the objective of the video game as well as its atmosphere. Then, another important criterion is the color used. The world of video games is a dynamic and attractive world. The colors must therefore be in accordance with the video game in question.

Often the logos of video games are available

Different forms: game covers, t-shirts, posters, presence on the internet, etc. Your logo must therefore be easily available on all these media. A logo that lasts is a timeless logo . A good logo is a logo that will last over time without having to redesign it every year. A little facelift may Banner Design be necessary, but your logo must remain recognizable by your audience. Distinction from the competition is an important aspect in the life of your logo. It is important that your logo is unique. It must stand out from the competition and be identifiable and recognizable by your audience. Example : FIFA & PES = two very close competitors in the world of sport, especially football and yet, due to their design and their logo, are easily identifiable and differentiable.

Video games are often very creative and artistic

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The world of video games is a world apart where the imagination is totally free and where you can put eccentricity. Some logos will have very professional and serious designs while others will draw their inspiration from comics, animation books and fantasy themes. Video games are a world unto Email Lists themselves. That’s why logo designs often meet criteria based on the theme of the game and the overall mood of the game. Let’s take a look at some examples to illustrate these points: Are you looking for a graphic designer to create a logo? Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES game of conquest Graphic designer blog First person shooter Graphic designer blog Platform game Graphic designer blog In these different examples, we can notice each time a common point in each of the categories.

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