decade by the laboratory of Professor Fernando T. Maestre, from the University of Alicante. The researchers sequenced the DNA of these soils to investigate the association between the proportion of soil pathogens and increases in temperature on a global scale. Using this information, they generated the first global atlas showing the current and future distribution of plant pathogens associated with soils around the world. This study contributes to the advancement of knowledge about the role of soil organisms in terrestrial ecosystems on a global scale, which is one of the fundamental objectives of the UPO Laboratory of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning. The new research identifies areas of Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas with a hi

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proportion of plant pathogens in their soils. These regions correspond to hot, arid and tropical zones. “Our pathogen atlas identifies the hot spots on earth that contain the highest Georgia Phone Number List proportion of plant pathogens in their soils, and warns us that global warming is going to increase the proportion of these important organisms on a global scale,” explains Delgado-Baquerizo , Full article: Delgado-Baquerizo et al. ‘The proportion of soil-borne pathogens increases with warming at the global scale’. Nature Climate Change. “As soon as we disappeared from the streets after declaring the state of alarm, we saw many of our wildest neighbors roam them in freedom,” says Jesús Olivero, professor of the Department of Animal Biology at the University of

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Malaga, who assures that during this period From confinement to the Covid-19 pandemic, cities have become “ephemeral oases” for animals, although these species have always been close to us. The isolation of people, added to a cleaner atmosphere – due, above all, to the reduction of traffic and industrial activities – and less noise pollution has led wildlife to leave their habitat and ‘visit’ human territory . However, according to the expert, it is not an evolutionary change, but simply that the animals have perceived that there were new spaces available “and have set out to explore.” “We have had the unique opportunity to witness the fact that all these species were already here, coexisting among us. Therefore, now that we are aware

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