Life itself bears witness to this, from what constitutes the human conception to what the leafy tree that provides food and shade represents. Life is reproduced in this way, and so is wealth. It is those omnipresent precepts of social education and all its conventions that have altered the natural disposition of the human being towards planting and harvesting. It is the individuals who have consciously determined to cut off that natural flow of things in life. People have built absurd dams that contain the essential energy that certain events have . Neither nature nor life have made these provisions. The universe works under the dynamics of generosity, delivery, giving to receive, sowing to reap. The big bang itself is nothing more than a superlative act of dispensing energy.

Positive Attitude

Being generous is not an altruistic act, not even one that responds to basic personal interest, it is a natural condition of the universe and of life. By aligning to this fact, individuals only return to their essence. As a practical criterion, it will have to be said that generosity is a convenient act, but the truth is that it is only a reaffirmation of the dynamics of the fundamental energies. The widespread defense of altruism Real Estate Photo Editing does not help in this. It is not the path that should be followed to become aware of some vital things. Altruism is always perceived as an ideal state that is achieved with rare virtue. And this does not generate dynamics. What is finally altruism a goal or a lost condition in any case, it does not go effectively to the instinctive motives of the human being.


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It is from these that we must start to change the world with the urgency that is needed. All people must be convinced that generosity pays. And that it does so in exactly the same currency and proportion in which it has been made. If generosity has been expressed in terms of time spent, it returns in Email Lists the form of time saved. Expressed in money, returns in money. If it has been made in the form of love, it returns in the form of love. Its the only investment that doesnt just pay, it actually does so with an. Incremental mechanic that no other investment in this world has. Doubting this constitutes an error, but not just a conventional one, it is a strategic error, because it nullifies a competitive advantage that is very useful to navigate through the turbulent waters that life has.

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