Nature Communications has just published the most comprehensive population genetics study ever done on donkey evolution. The investigation allows to advance in the knowledge on where, when and how their domestication took place; and also observe the reproductive biases that livestock management has produced in the variability of the species. Led by researchers from China, scientists from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) Jordi Jordana and Marcel Amills , also a researcher, along with Antonia Noce , from the Center for Research in Agrigenomics (CRAG) have participated. The research has involved obtaining the most precise genomic sequencing of the donkey and has made it possible to analyze the genomic variability of 126

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domestic donkeys from 9 countries and 7 wild ones (6 African and 1 Asian). The results confirm the data of a previous study done in 2004 using only mitochondrial DNA (inherited through Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List the mother): that the donkey was domesticated in Northeast Africa and, therefore, its ancestor would be the African wild donkey (Equus africanus) and not the Asian (Equus hemionus). Although there is not enough evidence to state whether the domestication process took place in one or more geographic areas, or whether it involved one or more subspecies, the most plausible primary center of domestication, with the genetic and archaeological information available up to the date would be Egypt. The study distinguishes two very different genetic lineages,

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which separated approximately 6,000 years ago: one would correspond to the donkeys of Tropical Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria) and the other to those of North Africa and Eurasia (Egypt, Spain, Iran , Kyrgyzstan and China). “Iberian donkeys belong to this second group, showing a greater affinity with the subpopulation of Egypt and clearly differentiating themselves genetically from Asian populations”, points out Jordi Jordana . A third large group differentiated from the previous two is that of Oceania, represented by Australia. Even so, this strong differentiation was due to an important founder effect, caused by the limited number of individuals transported by the British colonizers around 200 years ago, as well as the effects of prolonged geographic

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