Presidency and Ministry of Innovation, Research and Tourism, Ministry of Education, and Universities of the Balearic Government, Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana, CERCA program of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Department of Education, University and Professional Training of the Xunta de Galicia, and they have the support of the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES)UPO / DICYT In the current scenario characterized by the effects of climate change, an international team led by researchers from the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) and the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), has carried out research that suggests that the Global warming could have negative consequences

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on the processes that generate biodiversity. This is Australia Phone Number List one of the conclusions that these researchers have reached after conducting a study, recently published in the international scientific journal Journal of Systematics and Evolution, focused on the causes of the evolutionary success of Carex, one of the three genera of flowering plants. most biodiverse in the world, and which indicates that this success is linked to the planet’s relatively cold climate during the last 10 million years, which favored the colonization of new territories and ecosystems. Carex is a group of herbs belonging to the Ciperaceae, a family that includes such well-known species as papyrus or tigernut. Some 2,000 species of Carex are known to be distributed throughout the world

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and inhabit a wide variety of ecosystems, from the poles to the tropics and from the coasts to the highest mountains, although they are always linked to areas with temperate and cold climates. In many regions, especially the Northern Hemisphere, its species are part of certain dominant vegetation types and play a fundamental ecological role in habitats as varied as tundra, grasslands, wetlands, peatlands, river edges and lakes or undergrowth. In addition, these plants are an important food source for numerous aquatic birds and herbivorous mammals, and some of them exhibit medicinal or nutritional properties exploited by humans. The researchers focused their study on the analysis of the causes of the enormous diversity of Carex species,

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