Why use virtual networks? Virtual networks act as a communication channel between resources running in the El Salvador Phone Number List cloud. Why virtual? Because there are no real routers or switches in the cloud. For example , if you run a database server and a web server in the cloud , they will need media to communicate. This interaction medium is called a virtual network. Difference Between Interface And Class Java Step 3: We will now create a virtual network, follow the instructions in the image below to El Salvador Phone Number List create one. Remember to select “use existing” in the resource group, then select the same resource group that you created earlier. Step 4: We will then create 2 subnets, one for our website and one for our database. Follow the steps in the pictures below: Step 5: On the next screen, create two subnets.


In the El Salvador Phone Number List Same Steps

One is for the El Salvador Phone Number database and one is for the server. Also connect the El Salvador Phone Number List appropriate network security groups. Step 6: Okay, our network is set up, now we just need to configure network security groups and create our own servers in this virtual network. We will first create a web server. Step 7: On the next screen, select the selected OS. We will choose Ubuntu OS for our demo. Finally, click Create. Step 8: Enter all relevant information on the first page: Then select the appropriate configuration. We choose the basic configuration because it is a demo: Step 9: On the next page, select the virtual network where you want your virtual machine to be installed.


Then El Salvador Phone Number List Select a Subnet

El Salvador Phone Number List

Open the Network Security Group area and select the El Salvador Phone Number List “None” option because we have already connected the Network Security Group to our virtual network. Finally, click OK and your VM will start installing. Do the same for your DB server. Since nothing is now added to the incoming security policy, I’m trying to connect to my server using an IP address, I’m getting the El Salvador Phone Number List following error: Step 11: To add any connection feature, follow the steps below: I added the following links: You must add HTTP and HTTPS to access your site. Finally, you will need SSH to configure the server. If I try to connect to my web server, I will get the following screen: This is the SSH window.

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