Not that you or I have ever done that – slumped on the couch, stood up, clicked on the TV, and engrossed in an entire season of “American.” Netflix has mastered the art of prompting us – I mean, prompting people – to binge on its streaming content. Nick Edouard, co-founder and president of LookBookHQ, said: “Our marketers are like Netflix, attracting potential customers so they can overheat.” He made this Color Correction in his presentation “Never Waste Time: How Smart Content Experiences Can Facilitate the Buyer’s Journey” at the Smart Content Conference. What does Nick mean by “never waste a click”? What he means is, don’t spend all your energy on getting people to click through to a single (“dead”) content asset. Instead, the focus is on keeping people engaged post-click and even engaging them.


Typical Marketing Approach: Single Asset Content Color Correction

Marketers are great at creating content that’s “once and for all,” or as Nick puts it, “once and for all.” We created an item that draped a single content asset (whitepaper, presentation, etc.) and wanted people to click on our item and give us their contact information. Convert! Score! We hand over content assets. That’s it. This approach has several disadvantages: Content is often a useless asset. Where Color Correction someone go after the conversion? The content looks the same for everyone who clicks. There is nothing personal about the experience. Engagement with content cannot be measured – you don’t know if prospects see it. While “one-and-done” content might get you the contact information you want to kick off your lead nurturing process, it wastes a bigger chance of giving your leads (and your business) more rewards per click. Also, B2B leads rarely lead to sales. Forrester analyst Lori 

A Smarter Approach: Content-Rich (and Friendly) Color Correction

Color Correction

The In-Session Overeating Experience provides visitors with a selection of relevant content. Just as people binge watch TV shows, they focus on consuming online content when they engage. People don’t have to wait for the marketing team to distribute content every two weeks. They look around, they look around, they never sit down, they look around, they look for answers to their questions. As Nick put it: Marketers need to better adapt to this natural behavior. ESPN got it. They won’t be happy if I just read one thing and disappear. They want to get my attention. During the conference, they are gathering and promoting me more relevant content. They are doing a lot to keep me engaged. The left sidebar lists a set of content assets that people might want to choose from.

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