Before making a purchase, people look for online feedback, read blogs, ask questions on forums. That’s why knowing what the network is saying about you or your business allows you to be aware of the credibility you have to spend. Monitoring the buzz (i.e. how much the network talks about a certain topic) online is also important to evaluate the effectiveness of any ongoing Web Marketing actions . But there is a solution to everything! In fact, there are some free (or almost) Web Reputation tools that find, inform and notify whenever a content is published on the web and / or social network with relevance to specific keywords

Free Tools to Monitor Web Reputation

Fanpage Karma is a social media monitoring tool, it connects to your Facebook page Vietnam Phone Number and analyzes its data: the posts that have obtained the most success, the best times to post status updates, makes comparisons with competitors’ pages and much more. Fairly limited free version. Barometer is an analytics benchmark for Facebook business pages developed by AgoraPulse. The tool shows some KPIs of the page and compares them with the average values ​​detected on all the other pages analyzed by Barometer.

Crisis Management Best Practices

Vietnam Phone Number List
Vietnam Phone Number List

Writing quality content and oriented towards our target: through what we publish we transmit. The attention for our customer and our added value, moreover. We feed a dialogue with users that helps to generate trust in our business. Create a monitoring plan of your web reputation: knowing what people say about us. On social networks and on the web allows you to actively participate. In discussions about our brand, to know the perception. That the various stakeholders have of us and to listen to needs of our customers. A useful tool for monitoring is

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