Mapping the Customer Journey of your customers is not an easy mission. In fact, it is very likely that you still have large areas of opportunity in your sales funnel. Therefore, today we will give you four basic points to convert your leads into active customers. In other words, it means perfectly aligning and coordinating your marketing and sales actions so that the prospect flows more effectively and pleasantly through your website, your email marketing, your social networks, etc.

Until the conversion or buys..- Data integration: the most urgent challenge It is estimated that only 17% of companies that do digital marketing have achieved a complete integration of customer data between their different areas , however, almost 100% of those who have achieved it, report that it was a vital step to map effectively the Customer Journey through all channels. Bridging the data gap allows you to build a truly personalized and well-segmented Customer Journey model.

Convert Your Leads Into Active Customers

Normally, the first step is to Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List a complete integration. Between the marketing and sales departments through a CRM system. However, many companies are beginning to integrate absolutely. AQll their data in a centralized model that allows the visualization and analysis. Of related information in real time. with all points of sale and areas of operation. Today, people no longer trust advertising. But rather ask a friend, acquaintance or someone. They trust how their experience with this or that brand is before making a purchase.

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These searches for recommendations, From other users are a fundamental part of the Customer Journey. And you should not neglect them under any circumstances: a single negative review. Can be the breaking point of all your work in the sales funnel. What channels do your prospects use to ask other users for information about you? Social networks ? reviews on Yelp and Google? The space for opinions of your products in your e-commerce? Either way, keep in mind that you can’t control what customers say about you online. What is under your control is to provide them with excellent service so that they work as positive catalysts for your Customer Journey.

What Do People Say About You?

Mobile Businesses: an opportunity that you should not underestimate Millions of people use smartphones today, and each of those devices collects hundreds of pieces of data about your activity and location every minute. Collectively, we are talking about trillions of data points generated per second, which makes the smartphone network one of the best tools to obtain invaluable information related to the Customer Journey . Investing in technology related to mobile applications, push notifications, location-based mobile tracking, etc., is essential today to beat the competition and find sales opportunities before anyone else.

Build customer loyalty: a permanent mission !Congratulations! that lead has already become an active customer. But in reality, you have not yet reached the final goal. Closing a sale is one thing, and becoming part of your audience’s lifestyle is quite another. If you make the mistake of failing to nurture and delight the user once they’ve made their first purchase, then chances are they’ll go with the competition sooner or later. Remember that you should not see the Customer Journey as a path to purchase, but as a path to a long-term relationship.



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