the difficulty of its eradication once it is established in the ecosystem,” he points out. Commercial shipments of live individuals and their expansion The study addresses the possible mechanisms of introduction of this species, some of them having been able to remain hidden in the scientific literature. For example, commercial suppliers, who supply live specimens to schools or universities for study in science classes or research experiments. And it is that, the American red crab has always been widely used as a model organism in different fields of research, including the study of the nervous system, physiology or toxicology. Researchers have therefore often purchased these crayfish from commercial homes, and although most specimens used in

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scientific studies are euthanized, accidental Austria Phone Number List releases can result, generating populations in the wild. “Also, in the same way, The EBD researcher points out that today extreme caution must be exercised in the growing pet trade, since it has the potential to transport various invasive species around the world, especially aquarium species and, among them, crabs. of fresh water. In fact, the authors emphasize the risk posed by the use of invasive species with high impact on freshwater ecosystems in aquaculture, ornamental and academic purposes, for which their availability should be drastically reduced in order to avoid possible introductions.DICYT A research team from the University of Córdoba has created a biofuel from fatty acids from

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restaurant food waste. The method used is of lower energy cost and more sustainable than others used to obtain diesel of vegetable origin. With the intention of promoting the development of an effective circular economy, researchers try to incorporate the waste produced in it into the production system. Following the rule of the three ‘R’ (reduce, recycle, reuse), this strategy aims to transform the current flow of food (resources-product-waste) into a circular flow (resource-product-recycled waste-product) . Thus, in the article ‘Optimization of solid food waste oil biodiesel by ultrasound-assisted transesterification’ published by Fuel magazine, they show that the fat from food waste is suitable for the production of a biodiesel that meets the

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