from around the world that a global map be made of the subsidence of the land that occurs as a result of the extraction of water from underground aquifers. This slow and gradual danger is called subsidence in geology and occurs predominantly in soils with a high clay content. It has been known and studied for more than a hundred years, but those investigations had always been local. Scientists in some of the areas that suffered from it analyzed what was happening in their regions and looked for solutions for it. Herrera-García supervised, then, the thesis that Pablo Ezquerro had begun at the IGME focused on the subsidence that occurs in Lorca (Murcia). Ezquerro and Herrera-García conducted a search of scientific publications on subsidence. They all

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referred to these sinks from a local point of view. “So it Kazkahstan WhatsApp Number List occurred to us –Remember Gerardo Herrera-García–, what if there was a common pattern to all the areas in which this happens?” The researchers found this pattern: there were conditions common to all areas of the world in which this phenomenon of land deformation occurred due to the extraction of water from underground aquifers. Other researchers soon joined the team: Marta Béjar-Pizarro, Juan López-Vinielles and Rosa Mateos, also from IGME; Roberto Tomás from the University of Alicante and scientists from the UNESCO International Subsidence Initiative. “The work went very well for us,” Herrera-García continues, “and we achieved a model that explains where this phenomenon can occur.”

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That is, they managed to make a world map in which the areas susceptible to subsidence are marked. “We started the work as part of the documentation of my thesis and it has ended up being a research work much more important than the thesis itself,” explains Pablo Ezquerro. A research work that was published this January 1 in the journal Science. The article warns of a global problem that can have serious economic and social repercussions. Although it is a slow and gradual process, the subsidence of the terrain triggers the flooding of the lowlands, mainly in river basins and coastal regions; it generates serious damage to homes, buildings and infrastructures in the medium term and can cause enormous social alarm. As an example, they cite the city

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