There are three basic steps that can’t be skipped if you’re wondering how to get verified on Facebook. Along with a major no-no and two very important tips. That Iceland Phone Number List will make all the difference when you submit your application. We’ll cover all of this in episode 13 of the #SocialRecap and, of course, get you caught up on. Recent top highlights in social media news! Now, here’s the rundown for SocialRecap. Every single ad that your Facebook Page is running, is now visible to all FB users Anybody. Who goes onto your Facebook Page can view a list of all the advertisements that you. Are promoting just by tapping on the new “Ads & Info” section. screenshot of Facebook Page showing. Where Info and Ads section is located This is where users can find all your ads from Facebook.


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Partners, and that’s not all – They’re also able to see when your ads were created. Report any suspicious-looking ones, and even find out if you’ve recently made any. Sketchy changes to the name of your Page. In the spirit of transparency, Facebook plans to Iceland Phone Number List provide. Its users with even more information. In the “Ads & Info” section in the future. This is one of many changes designed to prevent situations like the one with Cambridge Analytica from happening again. Where a data leak allowed users to be targeted with biased ads to sway their political opinions before the previous elections. Developers have a couple months now to hurry up and test all their apps to Iceland Phone Number. List make sure that everything will run smoothly in HTTPS. Hacker Inti de Ceukelaire discovers another vulnerability. Facebook’s data security Despite all the changes that.


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There is still some skepticism about how secure user data is on the platform. Hacker Inti de Ceukelaire recently put Facebook’s data security to the test. Since quiz apps were how firms like Cambridge Analytica originally got. Their hands on user data, this is where Inti started. He took a popular quiz on Facebook – “Which Disney Princess are you?” and then he used his hacker skills to follow the data trail from. The Iceland Phone Number List quiz to an exposed vulnerability in JavaScript. Since JavaScript is relatively easy to access – at least for hackers. He was able to get ahold of his own private data just by taking that quiz on Facebook. screenshot of the Which Disney Princess are you. App and more tips and news in social media.

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