contamination. To achieve the necessary sensitivity, Borexino was built with an “onion” design, characterized by layers of radiopurity increasing towards its center, and reaching such a low level of backgrounds – unparalleled in any other experiment – that it makes it a unique detector. in the world. The depth of the experimental rooms of the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory protects it from cosmic radiation, with the exception of the neutrinos themselves, which pass through the Earth with almost no attenuation. Measuring the neutrinos of the CNO cycle was a complicated task that demanded great technical and computer advances. “Despite past successes and an already ultra-pure detector, we had to strive to further improve the suppression and

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understanding of the very low remnant backgrounds, so that Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List we could identify the neutrinos of the CNO cycle,” explains Gioacchino Ranucci, current Borexino spokesperson. For his part, for co-spokesperson Marco Pallavicini, the experiment “has taken liquid scintillator technology beyond any limit reached so far, making the core of Borexino the least radioactive substance in the world.” The CNO cycle: an 80-year history The existence of the carbon-nitrogen-oxygen cycle was first theorized in 1938, when scientists Hans Bethe and Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker independently proposed that hydrogen fusion in stars could also be channeled by the heavy nuclei of these three elements, in a cyclical series of nuclear reactions, complementing the

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sequences of the proton-proton chain. Despite indirect demonstrations derived from astronomical and astrophysical observations, direct experimental confirmation of this hypothetical stellar power generation mechanism was not easy to obtain. The strategy focused on neutrinos – particles produced in abundance in these reactions. This led to the creation in the 1960s of solar neutrino science programs, which produced results of great importance for particle physics. In the course of this nearly century-long race to unravel the mysteries of the Sun and the stars, solar neutrinos were also key to identifying the phenomenon of neutrino oscillation, one of the greatest discoveries in particle physics of the new millennium. One of the most

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