throughout the intervention its possibilities as a predictive and curative means of diseases that are incurable until now have been analyzed. In another sense, a reflection on its consequences as possible elements of discrimination or manipulation has been promoted. To do this, Córdoba has reported resolutions in the field of bioethics and current legislation on biomedical research. Researchers from the University of Almería , in collaboration with the University of Budapest and the Szent István de Gödöllo, in Hungary, have analyzed how cannibalism can improve the predatory capacity of one of the most widely used bed bug species in pest control in crops. of tomatoes and peppers. In the research published in the journal Ecological Modeling entitled ‘ Sib cannibalism can be adaptive for kin ‘, experts show that the introduction of predators into the crop before the pest infests

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it is much more effective. In this way, not having the natural food necessary for subsistence, they look for new ways, such as using their peers as a source of energy and improving Czech Republic Email List performance. It is the classic theory of the evolution of species proposed by Darwin, in which only the best of the communities remain. Therefore, the genes best prepared to survive will be those that are passed on to later generations, disappearing those that do not develop the necessary skills for a hostile environment. In this way, the study shows that biological control through the earliest release of the Nabis pseudovirus insects achieves stability in the growth of the predator population and causes cannibalism to favor their genetic development. Genetic improvement by cannibalism In this project, they have gone beyond the study of the effectiveness of different species used in crops

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and have calculated how to improve genetics through natural selection so that they are more effective in their exterminating mission. The simulations have been practiced in the laboratory with tomato and pepper plants through mathematical equations that develop the relationship between predator and prey and study the functional response and fighting capacity in cannibals and non-cannibals. Nabis pseudoferus has an action capacity of between 60 and 90 days and has achieved up to 99.4% eradication of Tuta absolu , one of the most aggressive pests in tomato crops. After the study, it was observed that the reproductive capacity of males and females increased when the adult subjects had practiced cannibalism, especially if this had occurred in members of their own family. The endurance and longevity of the surviving individuals also increased relative

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