You have to measure the results of your social media campaign – I bet you’ve heard it a couple of times at least. How else are you going to show the impact of your social media activities to China Phone Number List your C-suite? But measuring the results of your social media campaign can be a tricky task. The first obstacle is the very nature of social media, as they are continually changing. The second obstacle is figuring out which metrics to measure and why. Which metrics do you want to measure? It’s tempting to focus on the total number of likes, comments, and shares, but social media analytics are much more than that. Analysing the sentiment will help you assess the results of the campaign and spot the content that sparks positive engagement. Social media reach Social media reach indicates how many people could have seen your post. It’s a basic metric when you want to assess your brand awareness.


Social Media China Phone Number List Reach Is Calculated

By taking into account unique people who have seen your post. If the China Phone Number List person shares your content, the algorithm takes into account the number of their followers. Social media reach provides you with important data about your campaign. I would argue that reach is much more important metric than impressions. Impressions will tell you how many times your posts were seen. But this number can be pumped up by bots or small number of people. Post reach, although much harder to calculate, gives you more accurate and insightful numbers. Top China Phone Number List public profiles Many analytics tools will analyse the the public profiles talking about your brand or product. The tools will calculate the social share of voice and influence based on the.


Number of China Phone Number List People Following

China Phone Number List

Those accounts and the reach of their posts. That is a goldmine of knowledge of you want to run an influencer marketing campaign. If you want to reach brand new audience, create new content, or expand your social media presence beyond Facebook or any other social media network. The share of voice The China Phone Number List share of voice is an important part of your analytics. This metric will tell you what part of the whole online talk was initiated by your profile. In other words, share of voice is the measure of your reputation. The higher your share of voice, the more trust people have in your brand. That translates directly into more engagement, impressions, and number of unique followers.

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