bacteriological contamination”, summarizes the IRTA scientist, Margarita Fernández. The experiment with rhodamine and its continuation with the risk assessment project for bivalve mortality have been co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Directorate General for Maritime Policy and Sustainable Fisheries. In addition, they have had the collaboration of the Federation of Mollusk Producers of the Delta del Ebro (Fepromodel) and the Community of Irrigators – Sindicado Agrícola del Ebro. Human action is the main responsible for the destruction of marine ecosystems. Faced with the problem of an increasingly degraded coastline, the research group TecnATox The URV began a line of research seven years

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ago that, among other actions, seeks to develop Macedonia WhatsApp Number List strategies that help regenerate the littoral seabed. One of the actions framed in this initiative has consisted of manufacturing artificial rock biotopes, structures made with biodegradable materials, which in the last two years have been placed on the seabed at different points of the Tarragona coastline. These structures facilitate the increase of biological diversity while stimulating the re-establishment of species that provide ecological value, such as seagrass plants. This pilot test, which has been carried out jointly with the company derived from the URV Deepsea Numerical, has achieved that in a year and a half, about half – approximately 40% – of the Posidonia planted in biotopes installed on a stretch of

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coast of Hospitalet de l’Infant has survived. The initiative is part of a project of the Department of Livestock and Fisheries of the Generalitat financed with European funds FEMP and has received the collaboration of the Vandellòs City Council and Hospitalet de l’Infant. Between the months of September 2019 and March 2020, the research team identified several suitable immersion points to locate, transport and install the biotopes. The materials used to make the biotopes come from recycled elements, are biodegradable and are designed to disintegrate between three and five years later by mixing with the sand on the beach. The places chosen were Tarragona beach, Cambrils Cavet beach, Pineda beach and Cala d’Oques beach in Hospitalet de l’Infant.

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