member; as well as AWIN (The European Animal Welfare Indicators Network), with which the NEIKER research center, collaborator of IRTA, works. Ethics as an engine of change Consumer interest in developed countries is focused on higher quality animal products, including ethical and sustainable development aspects. This has given strength to the scientific work carried out by Europe to establish, by mutual agreement, valid indicators. Along these lines, Antoni Dalmau, IRTA researcher, affirms that: “As a society, we already decided in the Lisbon Treaty that non-human animals were sentient beings and that is the basis on which we must continue to study and improve animal welfare. On the other hand, among consumers of products of

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animal origin, there is a clear motivation to be able to Sweden Phone Number List choose more ethical products that try to capture scientific advances in day-to-day consumption, Traditionally, the evaluation of animal welfare focused on the review of requirements in relation to facilities and management, but, as Dalmau states: “our Animal Welfare Program, on which the certification is based, focuses on contributing , through research, modernization, competitiveness and sustainable development of animal production and a greater understanding of the physiological, behavioral and emotional needs of animals. Always through the use of a scientific methodology and with the desire for continuous improvement, because the more knowledge one has of each species, the better

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it will be possible to evaluate their well-being and meet their needs. Our requirement is above compliance with current European legislation, which is a prerequisite for countries both within the EU, and for those outside that want to be certified with our seal. In other words, the audit process is not considered valid if the requirements demanded by the European Union are not previously met, no matter where the farm is ”. He adds: “The WelfairTM certificate drives continuous improvement of farms and slaughterhouses. And it acts as a true engine of change. It is the result of 15 years of scientific research carried out by IRTA’s Department of Animal Welfare in collaboration with members of the Welfare Quality Network, the network of research centers of

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