adolescents — and can last into adulthood. From an evolutionary point of view, it would be expected that something that is harmful will tend to disappear. To explain it has not been, have been proposed several natural hypotheses, especially focusing on the context of the transition from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic, as called theory of mismatch ( mismatch theory ). “According to this theory, the cultural and technological changes that have occurred during the last thousands of years would have allowed us to modify the environment to adapt it to our physiological needs in the short term. However, in the long term, these changes would have caused a mismatch with respect to the environment in which our hunter-gatherer ancestors evolved, ”the authors

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point out. Thus, certain traits such as hyperactivity or impulsivity – which are characteristic of people with ADHD – could have been selectively favored in ancestral environments dominated by Egypt Phone Number List a mainly nomadic lifestyle. Instead, the same traits could have become non-adaptive in other environments associated with more recent times (that is, mostly sedentary). Why is it one of the most common psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence? The new work, based on the study of 20,000 people affected by ADHD and 35,000 controls, reveals that genetic variants or alleles associated with ADHD tend to be found in genes intolerant to mutations that cause loss of function, indicating the existence of a selective pressure on this phenotype. As the authors point

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out, the current high prevalence of ADHD could be the consequence of a favorable selection that would have occurred in the past. Despite being a disadvantageous phenotype in the new environmental context, the prevalence would remain high because there has not been enough time for it to decrease. However, due to the absence of genomic data available for ADHD, none of the hypotheses has been empirically tested so far. «Thus, the analyzes we have carried out support the presence of selective pressures that have been acting for a long time against the variants associated with ADHD. These results are compatible with the mismatch theory, but suggest that the negative selective pressures would have started long before the transition between

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