Editor’s note: paolo mottola was awarded the 2017 content marketer of the year. We’ll share insights from all the cmy finalists on the blog before. Announcing the winners at the How it work marketing world. With mark Zuckerberg recently identifying video as a .” Megatrend” with the same game-changing potential as mobile,. The race is on for marketers to add a video to their content mix. Put rei first because its executive editor paolo mottola has. Long understood the inherent power of visual storytelling. His vision means his team is well ahead of the video. The adoption curve has seen excellent results. Rei produces dozens of films each year, ranging. In How it work from five-minute instructional. Videos to 40-minute documentaries. Paolo and his content marketing team are delivering real. Gains for the rei brand, earning massive brand awareness. And with recent short films such as climbing brothers, inside .

Paolo Works Hard to Ensure That the How it work Video Content

REI’s brand is all about the outdoor lifestyle, and as America’s largest consumer co-op, it has a wealth of great stories to share. But even in this near-ideal situation, REI has not rushed into video production. The REI content marketing team built a video strategy based on internal brand guidelines and a clearly defined brand voice. Whether it’s showing spectators how to go on their first How it work or following a professional cyclist on a bike ride across the country, this foundation helps his team deliver a consistent spectator experience Built-in content foundation with detailed style guides and a clear brand voice.  Click to Tweet And, while Paolo and his team always get great results from their video content, he’s keeping an eye on his content marketing strategy to make sure they’re telling stories in the right format.

Once Rei’s Content Marketing Team Determined That How it work

How it Work

The story has to be good for the video,” he reminds us. “You have to be honest and look at the visuals of the subject, and whether movement is the best way to convey the story.” Sometimes it does, but sometimes other forms of long-form news, infographics Or photo sets will give a better voice to the story. REI’s online publication, Co-op Journal, shows that his team also offers these content formats. Once REI’s content How it work marketing team determined that video was truly the right approach, it began designing and delivering story assets. For example, an in-house creative team produces 10 to 20 educational videos per quarter, addressing various needs in the How it workvideos are about 3 to 5 minutes long and each will introduce people to the outdoor lifestyle or familiarize them with a specific outdoor gear or skill. They found a home in REI’s Expert Advisory Library, REI’s most popular content hub.


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