they provide at the level of the environmental values ​​of the surroundings is very limited and they do not allow effective management in the decision-making processes on the management of the impacts of Antarctic tourism ”, adds researcher Daniela Cajiao. Alternative approach To overcome this limitation, the work proposes to apply an alternative approach based on adaptive management to serve as an example and reference for the management of other Antarctic tourist enclaves. This type of approach is based on the continuous obtaining of updated information on indicators that show the pressures that affect natural spaces and how different components of them are affected. “If certain human activities, such as tourism, take us away

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from our conservation goals or deteriorate the environment excessively, it is proposed to adopt more restrictive tourism management measures aimed at reducing its impact,” Chile Phone Number List says Pablo Tejedo, another researcher. of the UAM that collaborates in the publication. According to the authors of the study, published in the Journal of Environmental Management , “the ultimate intention is to conserve Antarctic biodiversity and environmental values ​​more efficiently, while also allowing the development of the only economic activity that takes place in Antarctica and that moves about half a billion dollars a year. In this way, it is possible to continue betting on sustainable Antarctic tourism compatible with conservation ”. After the publication of the theory

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of evolution, Darwin proposed the existence of another evolutionary motor, a form of selection that had nothing to do with adaptation to the environment but with the characteristics that made individuals have advantages in the competition to mate. . Sexual selection, as he called it, produced exaggerated ornaments and armaments displayed by many animals, especially males, such as deer. These sexual traits are, in general, very expensive to produce in terms of energy and have effects on the survival of the individual. Male deer produce large antlers each year that require several kilos of the scarce minerals that make up their bone tissue. The large amount of food that you need to eat for antler development leads to a deterioration in the teeth

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