In the era of digital marketing and automation , one of the main goals of companies is to offer increasingly personalized experiences to their customers, not only when purchasing your product or service, but throughout the entire process. shopping. Dynamic content is emerging as one of the most popular trends to achieve this goal . Today at Xarvis we will talk to you about what it is, how it works and how it can help you increase your conversion rate and your sales. What is dynamic content? Dynamic content is any web element (e-mail, banners, recommendations, CTAs, etc.)

Another example could be when a website detects that a user is visiting the page for the first time and displays a welcome or onboarding popup. How does dynamic content work? Databases are the main pillar of dynamic content, because thanks to them we can integrate enough relevant information from each client or prospect to provide a unique experience with all the elements that lead to conversion, purchase or total satisfaction. with the content. Geolocation and the analysis of segmented patterns of online activity and consumption depending on certain times and dates also help to better contextualize dynamic content.

How Can You Take Advantage?

To go from theory to practice, Colombia WhatsApp Number List generally resort. To automated marketing platforms. Which allow the condensation and analysis of a large amount of data, as well as the automation. Of rules and machine learning algorithms that will be in charge of define what ad. Or content is shown or sent to each person. 5 ways to use dynamic content. To drive more sales and conversions. Email Perhaps the easiest way to create dynamic content is through email marketing .

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Each lead is different and depending. On how they have reached our database. We can infer what stage of the purchase process they are at . Thus, we will send information to a prospect. Who is at the top of the funnel that will help him advance to the consideration stage. And to a user who is at the bottom we will send specific offers that will lead him. To make the purchase as soon as possible. soon as possible. The most advanced Marketing Automation platforms can display products. Or content by analyzing the behavior of your customers. And inferring which products or content may be more relevant to them.

Pop-up Windows Emerging Windows

These types of rules or algorithms are embedded. In artificial intelligence tools such as SalesManago Emarsys or Jetlore, to name a few. 2.- Landing pages Instead of showing the same static landing page to everyone, you can use dynamic content so that the user lands on a page where, initially, you speak to him by name, mention his problem or need in a personalized way and also make him a CTA perfectly linked with your expectations. 3.- Dynamic searches Google is the prime example of dynamic content in search. Two people doing the exact same search “Chinese food restaurants near me” will get completely different results depending on their geographic location.

Websites that have a search engine can also further customize the results they display based on previous data they have about the user. Pop Ups are those boxes that are displayed on a website and suggest that we register, sign up for the newsletter or download an e-book or a discount coupon, for example. The reality is that most of the time they are disruptive and annoying, but when we turn them into dynamic content and adapt them to the situation of each visitor, they become useful and relevant elements.


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