Manipulative boss manipulation can be one of the most subtle but stressful behaviors that a boss can exert on his employees, they do not usually make too much noise when things get out of hand or when productivity does not seem to ensure the success of the work. Instead of walking around the rooms pointing and yelling at his collaborators, he usually approaches in an apparently normal way and with simple phrases abolishes a large amount of work and disguises it under a disguised threat. Phrases such as every ones departure time depends on your work, you know we are measuring productivity today or. There will soon be staff cuts are a clear warning to employees during their working day. Which unconsciously pushes them to work in a forced way, sometimes leading them to make. Mistakes due to the mental pressure that these phrases exert.


Grumpy boss this is the typical leader whose main work activity is to intimidate his employees, even when work is going great, they will always have and invent a reason to criticize, insult and point out even the slightest error in others. This type of boss is one of the main causes of interpersonal Ghost Mannequin Effect conflicts and labor turnover, because by not being able to control their emotions and behaviors, they tend to attack those around them, generally their collaborators, who, tired of their constant complaints, may respond to the aggression. Leading to disciplinary offenses, resignations and expulsions. In addition to the exhausting and impoverishing effect of the work environment that this type of person usually has. Since their image has a clear negative effect on the employees, who perceive that their productivity. Improves when this boss is absent.

Use Labels Correctly

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Exploitative boss this is a delicate issue to take, since it can generally lead to legal actions that in many cases are not taken for fear of losing their job or retaliation, labor exploitation is a daily reality in the world, in many cases it goes completely unnoticed in the eyes of others and is often seen Email Lists more consistently in low paying jobs. It is evident that the exploitative boss is the one who assigns too many tasks they. Prefer to play the role of tyrants and demand long hours of work from their employees for deplorable salaries. Stalker boss in the business field, it is well known that interpersonal relationships of a love or sexual. Nature can impoverish the work environment, generate conflicts among employees. Gossip, among others.

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