Whatever it may be, it’s beneficial to have a close grip on who your ideal target market is before deciding which devices to appear on, and then, and only then, should you move to the next step of the process: writing your ads.

Write Your Ads

Think of your ad as your shopfront; your first impression, so make sure it reflects your business perfectly, communicating to the public that you have exactly what they’ve been looking for this entire time.

Don’t forget to include your keywords in your titles and ad copy, but also don’t forget to express your creativity and to get across exactly what makes your product or service so special.

In addition, include a CTA (call-to-action) in your ad. A CTA is a clear, concise, and potent message that tells the reader in 3-4 words what you’d like them to do.

Phrases like ‘click here,’ ‘sign up,’ or ‘click to subscribe,’ are great examples of how you can entice people to interact with your ad.

Hit GO and Analyze Your Results

Congratulations! If you’ve completed the above steps, then you should be ready to activate your campaign. But that was just the beginning. Now, it’s vital to check back in frequently with your campaigns and analyze what ads are generating the most clicks and conversions.

Over time, you should start to see a clear pattern emerge, and then you can apply this newfound knowledge to all of your campaigns moving forward.

PPC Geeks: Google Ads Specialists

And that’s it: that’s how you ‘do’ Google Ads. Whether you’re the most adept Google Ads consultant or you work for a leading PPC agency, it’s always useful to refresh your knowledge and make sure you understand why it’s important to set up and ‘do’ Google Ads in this way.

As an award-winning, Google Premier Partner, PPC Geeks pride themselves on how they keep you abreast of the latest updates from the marketing industry.

That said, if you require any help with this or want to improve your Google Ads campaigns in general, then why not invest in one of their 100% free PPC audits? 

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