His campaign against Mr. She described Castillo as a struggle between democracy and communism, sometimes using as a foil a government inspired by Venezuelan socialism that is now stuck in a crisis. Mr. Castillo, a native of the northern highlands of Peru, earned national recognition for leading a teachers ’union strike in 2017. He agitates wearing a wide-brimmed Andean farmers hat. He appeared on horseback and danced with supporters. In the village, we want someone to know what it’s like to work in the fields,” Demóstenes told Reátegui.

He Said He Wanted to

When the pandemic broke out, Mr. Reáteg (29) was one of thousands of Peruvians who marched and hitchhiked from Lima to their rural family Finland Phone Number home after the government closed migrants such as him to work. Mr Castillo revealed little about how to fulfill vague promises that the country’s copper, gold and natural gas resources would benefit the Peruvians. He promised not to take over corporate assets but to renegotiate contracts instead. He said he wanted to restrict imports of agricultural products to support local farmers, and a policy that economists had warned of would raise food prices. If he wins, it will be the clearest resignation of the country’s political elite since Mr Fujimori took office in 1990.

Amount of Cash to the

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Why do we have so much inequality? Isn’t that upset them? “Castillo said at a recent rally in southern Peru, referring to the country’s elite. It simply came to our notice then. People woke up, “he said. “We can take this country back!”The pandemic has exposed the weakness of the Peruvian bureaucracy and the lack of funding for the public health system. There were only a small percentage of intensive care unit beds in the country held by its peers, and the government was slow and inconsistent in providing even a small amount of cash to the needy.

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