such as the co-elimination of all genes related to a function that is no longer useful during the evolution of a certain species, as in the case of the AR in O. dioica ». Experts explain that their work is comparable to imagining that a certain train route ceased to be useful and the maintenance of its structures was abandoned: if after many years a historian rediscovered remains of a set of abandoned train stations at different points in the territory, in theory could rebuild the old train route. «The discovery of this missing gene pathway in O. dioicaexperimentally demonstrates that the identification of gene sets that have been co-deleted (abandoned train stations) is a useful tool for identifying functionally related genes Belize Email Lists (the train route). On the other hand, if one of the abandoned route stations had survived in perfect condition,

we could conclude that quite possibly this station is still connected to another route that has been active all this time, ”Albalat and Cañestro clarify. Work published in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution also shows that identifying genes that have survived gene pathway dismantling is helpful in uncovering new functions that had gone unnoticed. For O. dioica , maintenance and extensive duplication of a gene pair traditionally associated with the route (AR genes Bcc and RdhE2 ) allowed has to experts UB discover their potential relevance in the compartmentalization of the system digestive (at least in this body). In parallel, they have also verified that the fact that the Aldh8a gene has survived in O. dioica It is thanks to its role in the defensive response of this organism to the impact of environmental toxins,

Belize Email Lists
as is the case of some toxins produced by marine microalgae. It should be remembered that the Evo-Devo-Genomics Research Group ( @evodevogenomeUB ), led by Ricard Albalat and Cristian Cañestro at the UB Faculty of Biology , is one of the few scientific teams in the world that have studied chordate O. dioica since the perspective of evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo), and that it has one of the few scientific infrastructures with the capacity to develop and study this new model organism. The work has analyzed the aging in males and females of the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) subjected to different degrees of inbreeding to study the hypothesis of the unguarded X chromosome, postulated more than thirty years ago to explain why the sexes age differently. speeds.

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