great apes diverged from that of gibbons and, from its location in Catalonia, its discovery raises the possibility that early humans could have been more closely related to gibbons than the great apes. . According to estimates he weighed between 4 to 5 kg in weight, which suggests a height of around 45 cm.sim or coethey will give rise to certain neuronal types, and it has been postulated that progenitors expressing factors hnf4 or gata4 / 5/6 would give rise to digestive cells ”. The EGFR pathway: revealing unknowns about cell differentiation Since the discovery of epidermal growth factors (EGF) in 1962, isolated by Stanley Cohen (1986 Nobel Prize in Medicine), the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) pathway has been linked to processes of

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cell proliferation, cancer and with the Sri Lanka Email Database design of new cancer therapies. Previous studies in planarians suggested that the EGFR pathway could regulate the differentiation of different cell types (pigment cells of the eyes, pharynx, excretory cells or different neuronal types, etc.). However, there is still no definitive evidence of this, and there are many open unknowns about the differentiation mechanisms of the various progenitor cells into specific cell types. This is the first scientific study to demonstrate the fundamental role of the EGFR pathway in the final differentiation of a specific cell type: in this case, the cells of the digestive system. To obtain the results, the experts have combined RNA interference experiments (RNAi) to silence the function of genes

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and markings with ethinyl-deoxyuridine (edU), with the aim of knowing the final fate of the descendant cells of the neoblasts. . Until now, other work had identified some important genes for the regeneration of the digestive system. But according to the researcher Sara Barberán, first author of the study, “in those cases, it had not been possible to determine at what level these genes acted.” “In our case,” he continues, “it is demonstrated for the first time that the EGFR pathway is important to regenerate and maintain the digestive system, and that, in addition, it is absolutely necessary for the progenitor cells of the digestive system to be able to differentiate into mature digestive cells” . The team from the University of Barcelona has characterized the function

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