Hence the importance of such as Facebook, which, unless it is a business page, will rarely be useful for a job interview. We pay attention to the privacy settings that we configure, it is better to show the contents of the private sphere only to our friends and leave only the topics related to our professional profile available to all users. The best thing to do would be to have two separate email addresses, one linked to the public account and one for the private account.

What Does Google Say About Us

If, on the other hand, we are present on the first page of Google, we must understand Is Qatar Phone Number the content professionally flattering? It is very important because recruiters read all the information about us. They check and match the information they find from the CV and cover letter we sent. According to what emerged from a study by the multinational , social networks, in this case Facebook, can hide many dangers for online reputation in terms of job search. Some recruiters give “the benefit of the doubt” when they find compromising details, others tend to directly exclude people from the hiring process.

Facebook Has a Great Impact on Our Web Reputation

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Qatar Phone Number List

 For this reason it is useful to follow some good practices. First of all, let’s remove our Facebook profile from the search engine indexes by changing the setting in the privacy control panel. As a next step, let’s make sure our posts are only visible to friends. This will allow us to use our personal profile in a free way, without repercussions on our work if we want to post a photo or a comment on some current events. Finally, if we are professionals in some sector, we create a Facebook page in our name and pass from there the work contents we want to focus on.

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