This meant that this information was not clearly stated. If visitors cannot find this information, they will contact them or continue their search at another clinic. Since contacting by phone can be a barrier, there is a risk of missing out on potential customers. If we notice that certain questions are repeatedly asked in the chat, we pass this information on to our customer. Another example comes from a clothing company that sells clothing in special sizes. We got a lot of questions about how the sizes.

That Helps Your Target

As a result, they have started to present the sizes in a different way that is clearer for the consumer. Data to discuss new Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List questions can also provide insights into new business cases. At a leasing company, 30 percent of website visitors were looking for private leasing opportunities, while only business leasing was offered. At that moment you can choose to adjust your marketing because you are not targeting the right target group. Or you choose to start a private lease label.

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Helps Your Target

Our customer has done the latter. The chat provided the insight that there was more than sufficient demand for a different lease form. These are insights that are usually paid a lot for in the form of market research. Also rea. Starting with chat on your website: 5 essential tips At another customer. A language institute that offers courses on location, we often get the question whether e-learning courses are also offered. The visitors who ask this are mainly young people for whom a course on location is too expensive. The marketing department is currently discussing options for online courses.

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