By taking the time to do this, you will get one step further together. People working together in a team. Agile working: course and frameworks Where self-organization stops, the support organization (the ideal organization that Jirtsin Egypt WhatsApp Number List Beenhakker describes in his book) continues, namely with demarcation. This has to do with safety. A team needs to know how far they can go ‘safely’. These frameworks offer space to act, to make choices and to realize your own ideas. With frameworks you can think of agreements about time, money, quality and goals.

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One team needs a joint session to discuss these aspects, another team defines it themselves and only seeks confirmation. Adjust your approach to the needs of the team. Good frames give space. In this respect, a team can go one step further by drawing up a team plan in addition to the frameworks. Discussing certain themes makes you stronger as a team. You can think of themes such as goals and results, but also core values ​​and how you deal with conflicts within the team. You know where you want to go together and how you will achieve it together.

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That gives peace and confidence. I partly agree with Jirtsin. When I started at Moneybird, I started in a new position, that of Office & HR. One of the first things I asked the owners was: what are your plans for the future? But I didn’t get an answer to that question, because those plans simply didn’t exist. In short, no frames. As a result, I started looking in the organization in order to retrieve the most important points of attention in the field of Office & HR and I set to work.

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