Do you want to know if Growth Hacking can help your company grow a lot in a very short time and with a minimal investment? 2 September, 2019Uploaded by Assul2Posted in Digital MarketingViewed 649 times Growth Marketing What is it? How is it related to marketing automation? Can I apply it in my company? Growth Marketing, also called Growth Hacking, is a set of versatile, adaptive and innovative techniques based on the use of technology to achieve accelerated business growth at minimal cost.

In other words, the return on investment is substantially higher than what could be achieved with any other digital or traditional marketing technique. Some examples of companies that became famous and consolidated thanks to their Growth Hacking techniques are Uber and Dropbox -which, thanks to their system of referrals and rewards, managed to get the users themselves to be in charge of giving the service a lot of promotion-, as well as like Airbnb, which through simple cross-posting software.

How Is It Related To Marketing Automation?

With Craigslist managed to go from Canada WhatsApp Number List to thousands of users. And excellent web positioning in a very short time. How is Growth Hacking related to Marketing Automation? Automation is one of the key marketing elements of any growing company, and considering that Growth Hacking techniques are strategies aimed at achieving a maximum increase in demand through digital tools, they normally go hand in hand with automation, because they draw on large amounts of data and information.

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And must reach a large number of people in the most personalized way possible. In summary, the brilliant ideas to generate leads are Growth Hacking, and Marketing Automation is responsible for managing and nurturing them so that they become active and loyal customers. Therefore, Growth Hacking necessarily needs powerful automation tools that use the latest technology. How do I apply Growth Hacking and Automation in my company? Although not all companies can apply Growth Hacking to their general business model, it is true that there will always be some aspect of marketing that can be hacked to accelerate growth.

Can I Apply It In My Company?

Let’s look at six steps that allow you to integrate both models well. 1.- Mapping of opportunities in the Customer journey. The first and most important thing is to be very clear about the stages of the. Customer Journey, that is, how the target audience evolves from awareness to purchase. In this way, it is easier to find opportunities to experiment. With disruptive and original techniques that allow you to capture more leads. Accelerate conversions and increase the retention rate.

In other words: find a great idea that is in tune. With the main need of your clients: free trips for sharing? More storage space? viral content? That is, an added value that only you offer. Automation structure that aligns with your needs in terms of data, channels and actions How are you going to get that Growth Hacking idea off the ground and reach as many users as possible? This is where Automation software comes in that adapts to the particular needs of your business.





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