In many cases it is inevitable that employees strengthen relationships and create links between them, since it is evident that, although they are concentrating on their assigned tasks, they are sharing for hours with other individuals, which leads them to get to know each other and create ties. The problem arises when it is the boss who is involved in this type of relationship and bond, because although they may also be inevitable, it is preferable that the boss does not see his employees beyond his collaborators and friends, the relationships of managers with their collaborators are usually a perfect mix for work teams to completely fall apart. There are bosses who only dedicate themselves to that and physical beauty is one of the main factors when choosing. Their close collaborators, since their intention is not to create an effective work team. But one with which they can have approaches.

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Another type and that can lead to lawsuits, legal actions and even the closure of entire companies. Toxic bosses toxic bosses learn to deal with them the above was only a small introduction as there are many other types of toxic bosses and behaviors, but for now lets think about some tips to T-Shirt Design Service deal with those types of toxic bosses that we have analyzed. We all want to keep our jobs, but we must also be clear that our mental and physical health is equally or more important. Because if we let these toxic behaviors affect us, they will not only reduce our ability to work in. The company where they happen, but in all the others. Jobs that we face, even biasing our next bosses due to bad experiences.

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The first and most important thing is to identify the toxic behaviors that our bosses may have on a daytoday basis, discuss it with our coworkers and make decisions, approaching the toxic boss in a group, never alone, and clarifying their behavior can be useful in some cases, because sometimes these Email Lists behaviors are unconscious of the leaders and occur as a result of the work itself. As a second step, it is important not to normalize behaviors and stick to them constantly. It is okay to stay a few more hours from time to time, work a little faster or receive. A timely warning about something. But something that happens continuously should not be done, especially in those behaviors of harassment. Or exploitation, since these are usually the ones that can end the most badly.

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