This relates, for example, to the way in which there is contact between the organization and the customer. A third form of influence, the influence afterwards, can play a role retrospectively on the service rating. Attribution is important: to whom is the cause of any poor service attribute. Is the customer itself (this is called internal attribution), the service Kenya WhatsApp Number List provider or the circumstances (external attribution)? If a customer has the idea that he cannot influence the process and feels dependent on the organization, he does not like this. healthcare.

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There are good examples in healthcare: does a customer feel. That he is involve in the choices for his treatment? Or does he feel at the mercy of the choices that the care provider makes for him? At energy suppliers, cable companies and telecom companies, customers generally have little influence on the products and processes. The question is whether customers mind this. Many customers also do not need more influence. Tourism is an example of a sector where customers have influence on the product, but less on the process.

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Finally: do periodic research into the customer relationship If you want a sustainable customer relationship, check regularly how your organization scores on the 5 building blocks. This can be done, for example, by including a number of questions in the periodic survey among customers. How much confidence do you have in our organization? To what extent do you feel involved in our organization? Do you believe that you are being treated fairly? Do you feel that you have an influence on our services? To what extent do you think there is freedom of choice.

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