With paid search marketing becoming even more competitive due to the imminent end of cookies, Google has now announced a proposal to introduce anonymous browsing which, interestingly, includes topics API.

In turn, it vastly improves targeting and produces a detailed, aggregated report which helps keep track of ad performance and contributes to combating a specific type of fraud that involves trusting a token API.

If you are a Google Ads company with a team

of marketers at your disposal, then Manufacturing Directors Email Lists you can now deploy a number of techniques that could improve your ad performance. These include:

Manufacturing Directors Email Lists

  • Renew Focus on Driving Campaign Productivity – By renewing your focus on driving campaign productivity, paid marketers can now refocus on executing more healthier campaigns without having to think so incessantly about user privacy.
  • Leverage Paid Search for Mid-funnel Success – As more and more people become more aware of your business and are becoming even more interested in your ads, it’s important to double down on paid search to move them further down your sales funnel.
  • Create a Long-term Strategy that Takes into Account that Cookies are to End – It’s always important to put together a robust and diligent strategy, however, now that cookies are to end, you should begin building your plan around the new roadmap ahead.

Though there remains a lot of uncertainty around the situation, and you should still stay abreast of the latest developments, you should, indeed, start to test out alternative solutions to the news such as maximizing first-party data and leaning on Google Marketing for support.

PPC Geeks: Google Ads Authorities Google is Helping

At PPC Geeks, the team is constantly adapting to news such as this whilst they consistently maximize your campaigns whatever the circumstances may be.

As an award-winning, Google Premier Partner, PPC Geeks pride themselves on how they keep you and your business at the forefront of any changes that may affect your campaigns, and while they care about user privacy, they also care about the success of your paid search strategy and budget spend. Also, check our brand new best PPC marketing agencies in the USA and PPC marketing companies in the UK directories if you’re looking for one.

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