We put it another way: wouldn’t you respond in your physical store to someone who comes into your business to ask about a product? Don’t just sell. Add value Social networks are not for selling . But for companies this is their ultimate goal. Therefore . Although at first glance you do not want to Hong kong phone number anything through your communications . If you are constant in the value contributions that you are making day by day in the future . Your followers will take you into account. If instead of overwhelming them with promotions and discounts .

You try to nurture your followers with content specially created for them . For example through a company blog . Your relationship with them will be more lasting Hong kong phone number they will be with you for what you give them. Do not be afraid to reveal from time to time some of those secrets that make you different from the rest. Ask Don’t think you know everything about your company and/or product. Sometimes . The consumers themselves are the ones who will show you which is the best way. If you want to offer innovations in your products .

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Adapt them to another segment of consumers or adjust more closely to your buyer persona . All you have to do is ask your current customers . They will know better than you what improvements you need. Don’t be ‘heavy’ If your company is not a media outlet or you are broadcasting an event . Do not go overboard with the number of publications made on the different profiles. It is wrong to think that the more Hong kong phone number are made . The more leads are going to be generated. Believe me that the only thing you are going to achieve is that your followers stop following you because you have saturated them. To obtain the best results .

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Keep in mind what are the best times of the day to post on your company’s profiles in order to achieve viral content . Define an editorial line and respect it Large companies that have a large digital marketing team are usually several people who are in charge of making publications on the Hong kong phone number social profiles and the community should not notice it. That is because they have a guide for the use of social networks . Which includes what is allowed to be published . How to do it and on what topics. So . If your company does not yet have one .

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We will give you the necessary keys to create one as soon as possible . Keep in mind that no spelling mistakes should be made in the publications . So you should carefully review what you want to communicate and not write as if it were a whatsapp shortening the words because it is Hong kong phone number professional. To always remember this advice . You only have to read the words of Warren Buffet: “It takes 20 years to create a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” Don’t be inbred We already know that ‘so and so’ who has a gazillion followers on Twitter works for the company.

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