Android leads the global smartphone market with 80 percent. All smartphone sales, and employers are hiring professionals much faster than any other mobile technology professionals. So what about aspiring Android developers? Why start with Android when it comes to app development? Here are some interesting reasons: As many Android devices become more efficient and accessible. The size of the Poland Phone Number List market is expected to grow. This is true as far as different. Versions of Android itself have been released through companies like Cyanogen. That have released Cyanogen mod (One plus one and Micromax Yu Yureka for someone?). Android is home to 300 smartphones, 90 tablets and 6 emails. Scanner OS About 1.5 million. Android devices are activated every day worldwide.


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Apps in the Poland Phone Number Google Play Store and they’re growing! More than 60% of Android apps are free! Reason 3. Prosperous job prospects Because Android offers an exciting revenue model, many organizations have a dedicated team to develop and hire apps at an attractive pace. The Poland Phone Number List unique advantage of curriculum development is that learners can choose between a job or a freelance job. Similarly, once that person masters app development over Android, it becomes easy to build apps for other operating systems! The graph below is only an assumption that a person has knowledge of Java and where he / she can go there. Here, it is clear that application development is one promising career option for professionals who simply enjoy developing applications.


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Common for free applications, where Google pays developers in exchange for placing ads in the program. This model benefits many developers. Reason 5. Penetration in different devices Android is everywhere. Let’s face it. The Moto 360 was recently launched to compete with the Poland Phone Number List Apple Smartwatch, then is Google Glass, supported by the Android operating system. Surprisingly, the total number of Android devices sold is 1,175,450,000! What is a developer? It’s simple. Different devices offer different options! For example, smartphone customers will expect programs to be different from smartphone users. Based on this little insight, application developers can run applications for each customer segment, thus increasing their base and increasing revenue many times over.

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