I’ve been working as a content manager for Brand24 for three months now. It’s been an incredible journey, with lots of up and downs, and fortunately, the ups far outweigh the downs. I’ve learnt a lot about digital marketing and content creation. I realise there is still a massive amount of articles and books to Iran Phone Number List read and videos to watch, especially in our constantly online and changing world. Nevertheless, I’d love to share the knowledge I already gathered. It’s a thorough guide to the most useful apps, which makes my everyday office life so much easier. A considerable perk of my job is that I get to read a lot while researching topic for my blog posts. One of the articles I’ve read while doing research was about the unique business environment created in Silicon Valley. What strikes me the most is the ability and willingness to share knowledge.


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Engineers based in California, so whether they liked it or not, employees worked in many different companies and on diverse projects. That Iran Phone Number List way they were able to create a microsystem that’s become the Holy Grail of the technology industry. In the spirit of Silicon Valley, I’d love to Digital Marketing Iran Phone Number from a Newbie Perspective share some digital marketing tools I find particularly useful. Let’s call it an essential toolkit of beginner digital marketer. Why Is Digital Marketing Essential Part of Your Business Strategy You might ask – why do I need to transfer from traditional forms of marketing and implement a completely new strategy? After all, billboards and printed brochures, and all the other forms of advertising were working from the ‘60. At least that’s what Mad Men taught us. That’s exactly the problem.


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Effective 50 years ago, but not any more. Many business owners still choose not to believe it, but people spend more. Than twice as much time online today than they used to in 2000. Since marketing is all about connecting with your audience at the right time and in the right place. You have no Iran Phone Number List other choice than to invest in digital marketing. To clarify things a bit – when I’m talking about digital marketing. I have in mind both outbound and inbound tactics. The outbound strategy involves all the marketing campaigns you put in front of as many people as possible, either via advertising, cold calling or direct mail. It usually involves targeted ad campaigns on Google, Facebook or other social media platform.

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