one hand, to improve the health of livestock through feeding and also the reproduction processesin breeding animals. In this way, feed will be manufactured “that will have antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics, which will improve the health of the animal and make it less ill,” he explains. For when they fall ill, complementary therapies based on the antimicrobial capacity of these compounds will be designed “because we already know that they have active substances against microorganisms that cause diseases in cattle, such as mastitis in cows or exudative epidermitis in pigs” , he argues. Regarding reproduction, it seeks to replace the preservatives that are used when sperm is diluted. “Currently, many are synthetic and now they want to look for

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more natural ones,” he adds. “The excellent properties of the Iceland WhatsApp Number List natural extract, based on the bioactive polyphenols of the Albariño grape, will provide antimicrobial and antioxidant protection to the animals, improving their well-being and performance and acting as preventive therapies” ·, argues Lores. The patent they developed to obtain polyphenols from bagasse is already being exploited by Caroi’Line , a Ponteareas company, which uses it to obtain cosmetic ingredients from grape bagasse. All other uses are exclusively exploited by iGrape. In the Faculty of Chemistry now they want to go further and verify that the Albariña grape can also be very beneficial for animals.The Paleoneurology group of the National Center for Research on Human Evolution

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(CENIEH), led by Emiliano Bruner, publishes today in the Journal of Anatomy a study that analyzes the vascular features of the skull in individuals with craniosynostosis, that is, with premature fusion of the sutures, and its consequences in the vascular development of the cranial cavity. Sutures separate the bones of the skull and, throughout their growth and development, regulate spatial relationships with the brain, ensuring that the bones can conform to their anatomical changes in size and shape. Craniosynostoses are relatively frequent defects in the normal development of the skull, and may have mild or severe sequelae, depending on the case, even blocking the growth of the cranial cavity or restricting the development of internal tissues. In this

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